Tips and Advice

There is so much information you have to retain if this is your first time traveling. It would be best if you weren't overly worried that you forgot something. That's what I am here for, to help you have the best experience traveling. When I leave the house, I always grab my wallet, phone, and keys, then before I walk out the door, I do a reminder check and physically touch everything before leaving. It's a good habit that hasn't failed me yet.

When it comes to traveling, I am here to help you remember everything you need or purposefully ask you to do a second walk-through of your room when we are leaving the area and heading to a new location. Sometimes I invite you to take a friend and have them go through the room, draws, windows, and bathroom to make sure they don't find anything. Before we leave on the bus, I double-check to make sure that you double-checked your room because once we leave the hotel, there isn't any coming back because you forgot something.

List of Important things for a Great Travel Experience

  1. Learn to pack light

  2. Buy & wear good walking shoes.

  3. Make sure your bank card works.

  4. Eat where the locals eat...You can get McDonald's when you get home!

  5. Protect & keep track of your passport - I don't hold or keep anyone's passport except mine. I even my children carry their own.

  6. Learn key phrases of the local language. If you are going to multiple countries, start studying as soon as you book the trip.

  7. Learn the art of patience...Go with the flow. Don't expect instant everything...sometimes you have to relax and enjoy the wait.

  8. Take a lot of photos and videos.

  9. Keep an open mind to new things.

  10. Learn some local customs, so you don't accidentally offend someone.

  11. Let me repeat this DON'T EAT AT McDonald's!!!!

  12. Never carry your wallet in your back pocket. It should be in your front pocket or your sling bag on your shoulder.

  13. Don't keep all of your money in one place. Have it spread out in pockets, inside a shoe, sling bag, and secured in your hotel room.

  14. Wear flip flops when you are in the shower or walking around your hotel room.

  15. Wear your shoes on the airplane, train, or bus bathroom!

  16. Have an extra stash of cash...just in case!

  17. Watch for traffic...No SERIOUSLY, watch out! You WILL get run over if not careful. Learn to look left and right.

  18. Take a picture of your hotel's business card...If you get lost or separated from the group, you can always cab it back to the hotel.

  19. Make sure you have my phone number and the Tour Directors' phone number.

  20. Buy a little souvenir from every place you visit...I like key chains and magnets. They are small, easy to pack, and cheap.

  21. When you get an opportunity, buy a postcard and send yourself, mom, dad, best friend, brother(s), sister(s), grandma, or grandpa, letting them know you are thinking of them on your travels. The power of a written postcard is powerful and makes people feel good.

  22. Make friends!