Men's Travel Clothing

While I am not a fashion expert, I will try to explain the clothes I pack for a trip overseas. Packing along with style is different for everyone. I wanted to take a moment to identify what I typically pack, so I am comfortable while traveling. I love T-shirts, but not all T-shirts are made for traveling.

You have to decide what you will wear during your trip, so you are comfortable during long days of walking and trekking. Typically, the first item on my list for packing is what shoes I am going to take. I know that I might be in a pair of shoes for 14 hours, and I don't want blisters or sore feet at the end of the day.

I know quality clothes are expensive, so when I decide to make a purchase, the first thing I look at after the price is how the clothes are going to hold up. I recently tried a new pair of shorts that I thought would work out great, but three washes into owning the belt loops started to fray and disconnect. I was disappointed because the shorts were comfortable, and their other features worked great.

When it comes to shirts, I am a big fan of Under Armor because they are quality, wick away sweat, and don't wrinkle. The downfall is the price, and sometimes the collars get floppy. I do like pants and shorts that have side pockets because I can put small items like receipts and informational material. I have to remember to check my pockets when I go to wash.

The last two items that I think about are socks and underwear. Socks have to fit correctly and not rub during the day. I also like underwear that doesn't ride up my legs when we are doing a lot of walking and trekking. I hope this guide helps you identify and select clothing that will make your travel more enjoyable.

Shoes & Flip Flops

The whole purpose of selecting the right pair of shoes is COMFORT! I have shoes for the beach, riding my Harley, standing, dress, walking, and hiking. I am the type of person who purchases a pair of shoes, knowing that I will wear them for at least 3 to 4 years. I still have a couple of military boots that I have had over a decade, and they are still in great shape and comfortable when doing rugged construction or yard work.

Make sure that if you purchase a pair of shoes for your trip that you break them in and wear them for at least 20 miles before going on the trip. There is nothing worse than buying a new pair of shoes and traveling. This is the fastest way to get blisters and be miserable walking. And we are going to do a lot of walking.

My shoe of choice for Educational Travel is Northface Hedgehog Fastpack II WP Hiking Shoes. These shoes are comfortable, and most importantly, waterproof. There are going to be times when your feet might get wet because of rain, or we are by water. These shoes help keep your feet dry. I also like the rugged design and heavy-duty shoelaces. Another pair that I like are Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boots.

Flip Flops is essential because I like to have something to walk around the hotel, at the beach, or to be comfortable if I am not doing a lot of walking. Plus, Flip Flops don't take up much room in my luggage because they lay flat. I used to be a fan of Birkenstock shoes but don't like how they look when I am out. So I decided that a great pair of shoes and Flip Flops are the best solutions.

There are many different types of Flip Flops in the market, so you have to find a comfortable pair for you. For me, I like the Reef Leather Fanning Flip Flop. I have purchased the same Flip Flop 4 times in a row. They are sturdy, comfortable, and have a bottle opener on the bottom. Once you break these in, you could walk for a reasonable time period and still be comfortable.

Ultimately the type of shoe you bring is up to you and your budget. I suggest thinking about shoes before purchasing any other kind of clothing for the trip and making sure you break them in, so you are comfortable and focused on the experience.


Everything that you bring should be comfortable. Underwear is no different because walking around, and there are times that your underwear will ride up or rub against your skin, and it's annoying and can cause you to become distracted instead of enjoying yourself.

I like the fit and feel of how the boxer brief wears. I have tried several different types and think that Hanes Ultimate Men's Comfort Flex Fit works excellent when walking a lot, and it keeps odors down. They are comfortable, and when I have to wash them in the hotel room, they dry fairly quickly.

The other type of underwear that I like to travel with is Duluth Men's Buck Naked Performance Extra Long Boxer Briefs. These are great because the waistband doesn't roll; it's has wicking technology and is odor resistant. They are comfortable to wear, and unlike most boxer briefs, these don't ride up your leg after walking all day.


The next item that you should consider when traveling, knowing that you are going to be doing a lot of walking, is the type of socks that you are going to wear. You want something that has a little cushion and has anti-odor technology. I am not saying my feet stink, but I don't want to ever be in a situation where there I smell an odor coming from my shoes. That's just gross.

For the past 15 years, I have almost exclusively purchased Under Armour socks. They hold up high, and they are incredibly comfortable. The socks that I typically purchase are Unisex UA Performance Tech Low Cut Socks 6-Pack They keep your feet fresh, are anti-odor, and are built for walking, hiking, or simply relaxing. They are also not bulky, so you can pack them without taking up a lot of space.

The other pair of socks that I like are Nike Everyday Plus Cushion. These socks also feature sweat-wicking technology with some cushion and are comfortable to wear during long walking days. These socks also are not very bulky, so that they won't take up too much room in your luggage.

Both pairs of socks are easy to wash in a hotel room and will dry rather quickly. There are hundreds of styles of socks on the market, so select the hose that you like the most. The goal is to get you to think about your comfort and understand how things fit in the morning might not be as comfortable at the end of the day.


The first time I traveled, I didn't think about what type of pants that I would wear. I had a fresh pair of jeans that I liked wearing because they were comfortable and made me look cool. Within a day of 100+ degree heat in Texas, I realized that I was going to be miserable wearing jeans. Don't get me wrong: a great pair of jeans can be comfortable, but when you are traveling as part of an Educational Tour, you quickly realize that you will be walking a lot. I tell people that when people visit Walt Disney World, the average person will walk 5 -7 miles a day. With an Educational Tour, you will walk that at a minimum, So you need to be comfortable.

Because I am a group leader, I tend to have to carry all kinds of things to ensure that our group has everything they need. It's not like I can pop back to the hotel and get something I forgot. So selecting pants that you like is very important.

I discovered a company by accident when I went to find comfortable pants to ride my motorcycle. The pair of pants that I find most suitable are the 5.11 Apex Pant. They are incredibly soft, breathable, and to be stylish. They have lots of pockets, reinforced stitching, and are cargo pants. The pants are also water-resistant and have been treated with Teflon to keep water away from your body. Nothing is worse than being in the rain getting wet and then being uncomfortable waiting for your pants to dry.

The other pant that I like to wear is Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Cargo Pants. They are lightweight and comfortable, and also they have wicking material and offer sun protection along with having a security pocket to keep hidden emergency money. While they are not waterproof, they dry rather quickly because of the type of material used.


A great pair of shorts are perfect for the summer and all the activities planned during your trip. Shorts should be comfortable and have pockets. As I've said about the pants, having pockets is essential because I can carry a variety of items without too many issues. I also think about the material used for the shorts because weather-resistant and wicking are imperative when traveling.

I used to wear a canvas style cargo short, but when they get wet, they become heavy, bulky, and extremely uncomfortable. I now look for shorts that are quick-dry and have wicking ability along with lots of pockets. The Columbia Men's PFP Permit II Short, Wicking & Sun Protection shorts are solid shorts that are durable. It has secure pockets for essential items like a wallet and money. When you wash them in the hotel room, they dry quickly, so if you shower at night by morning, they are dry.

The other pair of shorts that I like is the Bimini Bay Outfitters Men's Boca Grande Nylon Short. Like Columbia, they are quick-dry, easy to clean, and lots of pockets. Both shorts have large belt loops that are secure and won't break off after a couple of washes. This one has drainage ports, so if you go into the water, they will drain quickly, and air dry reasonably fast.

Of course, there are many shorts to choose from, so when you are making decisions think about how you are going to use them and how they feel over long periods. I tend to look for shorts that go almost to my knees because they are more comfortable and don't ride up when you are doing activities. The other significant part about wearing this short is you can wear a T-shirt, collared shirt, or a button-up shirt and still look fashionable. Plus, they go with your travel shoes and flip flops.


When I travel, I typically like to layer because sometimes in the morning or evening, it might get chilly, and with a button-up long sleeve shirt, I can take off, put on, rollup the sleeves, or roll them down as needed. That is something that I learned after traveling a few times that if you wear two shirts, an undershirt, and a button-up shirt, you have a lot of options during the day, and you are not always lugging around a jacket.

I will start with the undershirt. I wear this when teaching, traveling, or even wearing a suit. Mainly, I wear this undershirt because it's comfortable and wicks away any sweat that I might have done activities, hiking, or walking. I like Under Armour's Men's UA Tech 2.0 Short Sleeve shirt; it's the only undershirt that I own. I know there are others out there, but this shirt is loose-fitting, light, and keeps your body fresh during hot days. The fabric is quick-drying and has wicking material along with anti-odor technology.

I talk a lot about anti-odor clothing because I think that it's crucial when I am traveling, doing a lot of walking and activities that I am going to sweet. I don't want to have any funky odors. The great thing about clothing that has wicking is that it is easy to keep clean, wash on the go, and dry quickly.

There are a couple of long sleeve shirts that I like one is Eddie Bauer Atlas Exploration Long-Sleeve Shirt. This is a comfortable shirt that has a lot of features that I desire. This shirt has ripstop, so if you happen to get it caught on something, it won't rip the entire shirt. It's also wicking, lightweight, and has some sun protection. I do like solid colored shirts because they can go with nearly all the clothes that I pack.

The other long sleeve shirt that I like to wear is the Columbia Men's PFG Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt. This shirt is designed for comfort and functionality and features the wicking and sun protection needed when traveling outside. This shirt also has a mesh lining that helps keep you layered, and the air vented.

When it comes to collared shirts, the Cutter & Buck Championship Polo is a comfortable shirt. The one drawback to this shirt is that it does take a little additional time to dry when you wash in the hotel room, but it does offer wicking, some sun protection, and offers enzyme odor protection. A unique feature is the shirt has side vents to help keep you fresh. I usually won't wear an undershirt with a collared shirt, but if I do, it's still comfortable and fits loosely.


I have two jackets that I love traveling with: a North Face Men's Venture 2 Jacket, and the other is a Columbia Men's Morning View Packable Jacket. Both jackets offer wind protection, rain-resistant fabric, are easily packable. Each coat has a hood so you can use it when it rains, so you don't have to pack an umbrella or a parka. When you are climbing in the mountains, both jackets keep your core warm, and at the street level, you won't overheat. I like how they fold into the sling bag, and you still have room for all the other stuff you need during the day. You can also tie them around your waist if you purchased too many souvenirs and don't have room to put the jacket.