Important Documents

As travelers we are individually responsible for keeping track of our own documents. Yes, I will have a paper and digital copy of your paperwork but so should you. I have been in countries and friends have lost their passport or wallet. Getting new travel documents is a real pain, causes a lot of stress, and you miss out on parts of your trip because their isn't always an embassy close.

Before you depart for the airport, you should take a picture of your travel documents, itinerary, passport, driver license, essential phone numbers, and insurance information. These are vital documents, and having a copy can help get replacements faster once you take a picture of each document you then need to make a paper copy of each document and pack it in your carry-on.

I will ask each of my travelers to provide me with a digital copy and paper copy so I can keep them secure while traveling. That way, if something is lost, we have a backup plan. These measures are for your safety and protection. Once we return from the trip, I shred the paper files and delete the digital files. I do this on all of my adventures because you never know what's going to happen, and being prepared for the worse is the best solution for any traveler. I even take pictures of the front and back of my tickets for like Disney or Universal Studios. I've lost tickets, and getting them replaced without proof is near impossible.