The Importance of Educational Travel

Educational Travel is an excellent vehicle for students to gain global competency. Travel, whether domestic or international, provide students with hands-on-experience and lifetime lessons that transcend the classroom. Students can comprehend, recall, analyze, and apply real-world lessons learned through their personal experiences.

Our goal is to identify educational trips for students to tour historical sites and cities with rich cultural significance. These trips offer students an opportunity to see and experience the broader world around them that books alone cannot provide.

Students are traveling more today than ever before. As teachers, we strive to impart multicultural awareness in our students, but we are limited by the school environment's confines, exploring real-world global diversity is rare. Educational travel abroad provides students opportunities to meet people from different cultures and actively immerse themselves in the culture, history, and diversity. Students get to feel a sense of connection with others, encouraging respect and understanding while gaining knowledge from a new perspective.

In general, travel is an educational experience because going someplace new puts us out of our comfort zone and into a new perspective, a new place, and new self-awareness. When you add international travel to your student's experiences, they gain an abundantly useful and memorable experience; you will never be able to replace them with a classroom lesson. Educational travel allows students to further their learning experience by seeing and experiencing what they learned about in class, plus a lot of additional information that most lessons don't cover.